About JillyJazz

JillyJazzThe minute you walk into the studio, you can feel it.  It is undeniable.  The rhythm, the passion, the inspiration, the music.  Classic contemporary jazz at its best.  JillyJazz.  And then the Warm Up starts.  It is mesmerizing, a kind of choreography of its own.  Steeped in Luigi Jazz technique and style, Jill Strauss brings an emotion invoking style of her own that transforms the student into the dancer. 

If you are looking for exciting  jazz classes on the westside of Los Angeles, look no further.  Jill Strauss, protegé of Luigi, embodying style and technique, incorporates fabulous, eclectic music with magical choreography to create fun and challenging dance classes for dancers of all levels.  With extensive credits on the New York Stage, teaching and performing with Luigi’s Jazz Company and teaching Master Classes throughout North America, Jill’s brand of teaching is of the highest caliber.

Jill Strauss has 25 years experience teaching and performing in the USA and throughout North America.  She trained in New York City and has taught for and performed with Luigi’s Jazz Centre.  Performing on the New York stage for 15 years and touring the USA, Jill brings to each class her dance and acting experiences to help foster a professional performance environment.  Professional credits include, Carousel, West Side Story, Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden.  She founded JStrauss Jazz dance company in 1999 after arriving in Los Angeles, and has been teaching and choreographing in Los Angeles for 20 years.  Having taught at Crossroads School in Santa Monica for 18 years, Jill is currently on faculty at UCLA.

JillyJazz offers both group classes, Beginning Basic through Advanced Intermediate, and private instruction and has locations in Venice, Santa Monica  and West Los Angeles.  Come by and dance!

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