Class Schedule

2013 Winter Workshop

        JillyJazz Dance Arts Class Schedule

At this time we are holding in-person classes on

Tuesday nights only at 6:30 at the Electric Lodge in Venice.

All registration in advance. Contact:

Zoom classes Tuesdays and Saturdays 11:30 West coast time. Come join our ZOOOOMJAZZZZ!!


With love, JillyJazz Dance Arts.

Check “Workshops and Events” and “JillyJazz Kids” page for upcoming schedules. 

Come join us for JillyJazz and JillyJazz Kids.  The class schedule is updated regularly.  Click “Contact Info and Locations” for addresses and directions. Single class: $20 for 90 minute class,    $19 for 60 minute class.   Discounts on coupon books purchased.

Visit us on Facebook and Twitter at JillyJazz Dance Arts at Electric Lodge. 

This is our Teen/Adult schedule.   Check JillyJazz Kids page for our full kids schedule.

Last updated January 2023


Days & Times


Intermediate -Jilly  TBA Electric Lodge
Electric Lodge
Adv. Intermediate Jilly Tuesday 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Electric Lodge
Electric Lodge
Electric Lodge
Electric Lodge


    Register today!!!! 310 963-3378

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